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Vulcano xGolden Goose

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Golden Goose

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Jan 2020

ABOUT THE PROJECTGolden Goose is more than just a fashion brand: it's an expression of style and individuality. Founded in Italy in 2000, the brand blends vintage charm with a fresh originality, particularly renowned for its sneakers with a lived-in look and unique details. Each piece, embodying authentic Italian craftsmanship, merges creativity, innovation, and sustainability, celebrating individuality and diversity.

Golden Goose sought to align its digital presence with its offline communication, ensuring seamless consistency across both realms. The objective was to enhance brand awareness through cohesive content communication, whether product-focused or lifestyle-oriented. The brand aimed to reinforce its identity, drawing inspiration from the unique design elements of its iconic shoes.

Our Results

Since 2020, Vulcano has transformed Golden Goose's digital presence, aligning it with the brand's innovative ethos. Our strategy harmonized online and physical experiences, updating the digital landscape to mirror the brand's identity.

Embracing the concept of "perfect imperfection", we crafted a fresh brand identity, emphasizing the unique aesthetic of Golden Goose footwear, blending timeless elements with contemporary flair.

Prioritizing User Experience, we replicated the ambiance of a physical store in the online interface, ensuring a seamless experience.
Product presentation was paramount, with photography showcasing products both individually and in real-life settings, capturing the essence of each collection. An immersive journey through the brand's ethos included events and guerrilla marketing campaigns, and street art shows, fostering a deeper connection with users.

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