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Vulcano xColnago

digital brand guidelinesUX & UI


    Web DesignUX/UI DesignArt Direction

Apr 2024

ABOUT THE PROJECTFor over a century, Colnago has represented the excellence of Italian craftsmanship in the bicycle industry, blending its renowned heritage with technology and innovation. A rich legacy forged by legends, elegance, and timeless charm. 

In the digital revitalization of a brand steeped in history, Vulcano's creative direction has played a fundamental role in ensuring an engaging, meaningful, and heritage-respecting experience for Colnago. We've transformed every page into an exciting journey through Colnago's rich history, restoring the authentic brand image to new admirers and fostering deep connections with cycling enthusiasts. 


The result is a website that provides a unique experience where the purchasing process becomes an engaging and highly personalized tour, offering users the chance to create a custom bike, even through the new configurator.

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This feature allows to explore a wide range of accessories and options: the ability to customize every detail not only offers an unprecedented level of adaptability to individual needs but also a sense of active participation in the decision-making process, enriching the overall purchasing experience.


Additionally, the quality of the components is emphasized through detailed and informative presentation, ensuring peace of mind in making informed and valuable choices.  

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