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Vulcano xConnubia

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May 2024

ABOUT THE PROJECTConnubia is the youngest brand of the Orbital Design Collective group, which, through contemporary, colorful, and versatile designs, aims to transform every space into the ideal place to express its uniqueness and share everyday life.

The goal was to create a dynamic and vibrant context around the brand, capable of attracting an inspired and active connubity, starting with two video campaigns to introduce the new green and sustainable products, then continuing with communication related to the Salone del Mobile and social media, designed to develop the brand's identity across multiple channels.


The brand's key messages, starting with sustainability, have discovered new channels for expression through Vulcano. The website was enhanced with additional features and layout choices and modules, enabling Connubia to generate and oversee pages and content autonomously. Social media communication has aligned with a new pop, colorful, informal identity that resonates with people.

The collaboration has transformed into a sort of partnership where the brand entrusts Vulcano with the artistic vision to be guided and involved in a creative process that touches all fundamental digital touchpoints, from social media to campaigns to brand communication in the context of major industry events such as the Salone del Mobile, to video formats tailored to be seamlessly integrated into the editorial plan. 

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