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Vulcano xCampagnolo

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Apr 2024

ABOUT THE PROJECTFor over 80 years, Campagnolo has been a leader in road cycling innovation, known for its technical excellence and engineering design. This historic brand merges tradition, craftsmanship, and advanced technology. By partnering with Vulcano, they aim to provide cyclists with a dynamic and stylish content experience.

Through the seamless optimization of captivating digital content, we have strengthened Campagnolo's online and offline presence and redefined its identity to appeal to a broader, more diverse audience. Our vision? To transform Campagnolo by infusing it with new life, making it more contemporary and appealing to a new generation of cycling enthusiasts, and creating an aura that resonates with both professional cyclists and bike lovers of all levels.


Our journey began with a thorough and detailed analysis of the current state, exploring strengths and areas for improvement. Vulcano's guidance spans from defining and managing social media channels producing photo and video shootings and collaborating on the design of the apparel collection.

We developed a clear vision for brand repositioning, outlining an integrated and engaging content strategy designed to evoke emotions and passions. From the visual tone to the editorial line, everything was meticulously crafted to capture the energy of the brand and convey the pure essence of Campagnolo.

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