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Apr 2024

ABOUT THE PROJECTFor 20 years, KASK has been combining quality, safety, and innovative design in the production of a wide range of helmets for sports and professionals. Creativity and Italian craftsmanship transform each product into a distinctive statement of personality. 
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If every great adventure starts with an idea, Kask's vision was to create a direct-to-consumer site capable of elevating the customer experience to new heights. We delivered a digital platform where brand values and identity are expressed through a design and tone of voice that encapsulate the essence and inspiring energy of Kask.

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Through targeted workshops and creative consultancy, we defined the project concept, presenting comprehensive guidelines for the brand's visual communication and tone of voice. The guidelines informed the creation of photographic content and the writing of textual elements throughout the entire website.

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A visually distinctive and evocative atmosphere, coupled with a compelling narrative, is reflected in a user experience and graphical interface that fully conveys the brand's essence. Collaborating synergistically with other companies of the Arsenalia Group, such as Alpenite for development and system integration, and Reelevate for SEO aspects, has contributed to establishing Kask as an emblem of 'safe style', maintaining continuity in the digital space.

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