Vulcano | Vismec

Vismec is a leader company in the auxiliary machines production for the transformation of plastic materials.
Vismec is pioneer in technology design and has been named among the 120 most successful companies in Italy.

Vulcano’s approach has made possible to take care of Vismec visual identity, starting from a light rebranding and the new site’s creation.

Vulcano created the shooting campaing named “Vis a Vismec”, a photographic story of the humanity of every single person of the company.

The work reveals the great innovative value of Vismec, a power that can be possible thanks its humans values.


Vulcano supports Vismec with advertising activities and online and offline promotion.
A consulting that starts from digital with the aim of supporting the brand’s growth and awareness.

The interaction is manteined through a multichannel activity that involved the use of DEM, social networks and videos production.