Vulcano | Unifarco

Unifarco has been creating safe and accessible cosmetic, dermatological, nutraceutical and make-up products for over thirty years. A continuous challenge played on multiple sectors: Vulcano helped Unifarco to define and convey a unique and shared message through different channels, identifying a style of communication able to speak for over 5.000 pharmacies.


Vulcano designed a complete communication project that tells Unifarco approach and gives value to the work of the pharmacists of its network, aware that only the union of many personalities allows to create such a unique and distinctive one. From the concept to the realization, Vulcano’s direction allowed the creation of the new ecommerce website, completely redesigned and populated with brand new contents, the products shooting, up to advertising campaigns and institutional videos.

The first step of the project has been the rebranding of Farmacie Specializzate, a brand that combines a network of more than 600 pharmacies offering personalized wellness services in the fields of beauty, health and fitness. The new branding designs a clearer and more authoritative image while enhancing a more human approach, closer to the person.

Vulcano created two video campaigns, for Farmacie Specializzate and Farmacisti Preparatori, with the aim of telling the most important values of the two brands, highlighting in particular the importance of the figure of the pharmacist.

The new ecommerce website has a clear-cut design and offers a very clear user experience that allows to navigate within a very large and heterogeneous product catalog. In addition, numerous editorial sections have been created specifically to launch new corporate campaigns and to better tell the formal philosophy that underlies all the products and services offered.


Vulcano also took care of the creation of the website new contents, producing in-depth texts and creating a specific shooting to represent the product categories.


An all-encompassing project in which the film was just one of the instruments to tell the new philosophy of the brand Farmacisti Preparatori of the company Unifarco.

The real challenge was to speak to a very well-structured target, which unites pharmacists and consumers.

Spreading the “formulation philosophy”, a process that combines customer questions, listening to pharmacists, observing nature, laboratory research, development, testing, completing the circle at the pharmacy with the product accompanied by the advice of the pharmacist.

The tagline: “La formula autentica del benessere”, conceived by us, concludes the video and was chosen by Unifarco as a tagline for 2021 communication.

We have created a transmedia storytelling combining press campaigns, window displays and of course the video, made in multiple versions depending on the media channel.

Vulcano accompanied the company in the “brand narrative” process: from positioning, to the definition of the storytelling, to the creation of the video, writing, processing, creative direction and production supervision. “La formula autentica del benessere” is Vulcano’s first TV commercial, but it was developed by a team of professionals experienced in “television level” video productions.

Our approach was collaborative: we involve the customer, by means of constant feedback, throughout the project flow, up to the realization of the project.