Vulcano | Tigers in flip-flops, Galleria Massimodeluca

Tigers in flip-flops, sound installations and words beyond the borders: Vulcano launched the Tigers in Flip Flops communication campaign, the third edition of Darsena Residency at Galleria Massimodeluca.



Vulcano supported Tigers in Flip-Flops, the third edition of the artist-in-residence programme Darsena Residency, conceived by Marina Bastianello at the Galleria Massimodeluca, which ended with the final exhibition, curated by Daniele Capra.



The exhibition reaped the benefits of the work carried through by the artists of the Italian-Belgian union VOID (Arnaud Eeckhout and Mauro Vitturini) and by the Portuguese Marco Godinho, hosted in the gallery during the month of July 2017. The exhibition was made up of twenty works conceived during the residency in Venice – created starting from visual, historical, cultural and anthropological incentives offered from the territory – ranging from glass sculpture to tin melting, from photographs to environmental installation of sound art, from neon jewellery to the conceptual use of the written word.



The title of the exhibition, extraordinarily ironic, is inspired by real life facts experienced by the artists in the gallery: the oxymoron ‘tigers in flip-flops’ hints at the condition of being an artist, endlessly swinging from the attempt of a catlike jump and the practical difficulty of wearing flip flops.



During the residency Vulcano organized a studio visit where the artists discussed with young digital designers about the topics of research, communication and digital changes, created the video campaigns which livened up social communication of the residency and helped to produce the bilingual publication, which includes visual documents of the residency with the pictures of the works and the texts of the curator.