Vulcano | Santiago Sierra. Mea Culpa. PAC Milan

Vulcano supported MEA CULPA, the first extended Italian anthology dedicated to the conceptual artist Santiago Sierra, at PAC Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea in Milan from March 29th to June 04th 2017. The exhibition brought together for the first time the most iconic and representative political works by Santiago Sierra from the 1990s to date with the documentation of many of his performances over the world, new productions and reactivations of past installations and actions.



As the bearer of the dark truth of our time, Sierra is often stigmatized for his intense and ambiguous performances. Nevertheless, their visual language, their complex and energetic symbolism and the fact that they are plunged into the reality of people give them a rare emotional impact. The works of Sierra have been shown in important museums and institutions worldwide.



Vulcano, as a tribute to the Spanish artist, fixed the digital communication of the exhibition around one of the most representative trait in Sierra’s work: black and white. Surfing the website of PAC you could find a colour change with a strong monochromatic contrast, from the homepage to all the contents related to the exhibition. Videos, photos and social communication has been kept to June 4th with the same rule, telling all Mea Culpa’s stories, always in gray scale.



The exhibition Mea Culpa has been a further step in the partnership between PAC and Vulcano, with another contact point on the exhibition public program: the meeting APPELLO ALLA RESPONSABILITÀ, held on April 18th 2017. Starting from Santiago Sierra’s work, a reflection on the social responsibility on art took place with the participation of the curators Gabi Scardi, Antonio Arevalo e Daniele Capra and the experience of the two artists Isabella e Tiziana Pers, founders of RAVE – East Village Artist Residency, promoted by Vulcano from its foundation.