Vulcano | Regina José Galindo. RAVE 2014

RAVE – East Village Artist Residency, the annual residency program in the countryside of Friuli, hosts leading international artists each summer, inviting them to undertake their research in this specific context. RAVE is a project created by Tiziana and Isabella Pers and Giovanni Marta, which brings together contemporary art with the need to look towards a bio centric perspective and promote the research and diffusion of contemporary art through anti-speciesist thinking.



In 2014, the spirit of RAVE was interpreted by the outstanding Guatemalan artist Regina José Galindo, winner of the Golden Lion at the 51st Venice Biennale, who held in the same year the major solo exhibition Estoy Viva at the PAC, Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea in Milan.



During her time in Friuli, Regina was invited to develop and create a new project interacting with the local environment and addressing the themes of the residency. Regina’s research concentrates on the use of her own body to denounce violence against women, and more generally to address the social, political and cultural difficulties of contemporary society. Her work follows the same vein of research opened by Ana Mendieta and Marina Abramovič in the 1970’s.

The Guatemalan artist, one of the most magmatic representatives of Latin-American art, concluded her time at the residency with the performance La oveja negra (the Black Sheep), which was held on Saturday 31st May in Torreano in the splendid hills around Cividale.



The artist uses a gestural aggression towards her own physical and psychological limits and thus transforms her own body into a permanent theatre of conflict, exemplifying the dramatic events experienced by the population of Guatemala and human society in general.Regina defined her performances as “acts of of psycho-magic”, underlining the emotional charge and the suffering people carries within them.



At RAVE, for the first time in her artistic career, Regina addressed the question of otherness beyond the boundaries of species, using her own body as a canvas to reconstruct the discrimination not just of the human other, but also of the animal other. Starting from a personal and biographical experience, together with the experiences and tragedies of other artists who have come before her, she created an action based on the concept of the “Black Sheep”, both within a human intra-species system and with a higher viewpoint of an inter-species perspective. In the words of Pier Paolo Pasolini: “I too would like it if it were easy to isolate the black sheep. I too see the black sheep. I see quite a lot of them. I see all of them. That’s the problem …”.


The event is produced by Vulcano, who realized also the production of the video performance ‘La oveja negra’.