Vulcano | Mugs Network

Mugs: a network of film industry professionals with an important goal and an identity to be built.

Vulcano has supported the company with a multi-faceted work effort, collaborating on several levels with a single common intent: to connect competence and needs.

Photo taken by the DOP of the film Mediterranea by Jonas Carpignano

A project in which each “actor” had his fundamental part.
The idea: to create a meeting point between the needs of the production and casting part of the business and the real availability of professionals in the sector or anyone willing to be on set, creating an ever available and constantly updated database fuelled by the direct registrations and applications of the interested parties.


How? With an app.


The development started after mapping the needs and expectations of the customer which emerged during several workshops which featured Identity and UX as topics, organized and conducted by Vulcano.

The first step towards defining a graphic identity that now combines the dual personality of the users involved: on one hand the more authoritative side dedicated to producers, on the other the more composite, creative and colourful side, dedicated to talents.

The research and empathy with the client have allowed Vulcano to achieve a navigable prototype that clarifies actions and activities in an intuitive and distinguishable way.

The app’s launch was conducted through Vulcano’s campaign management and on-going of the social media accounts, which were the ideal channels for the first public release of the service.


The project was not limited to being just a “translation” of the needs described by the client, indeed it was a true accompaniment, aid and support in the construction of an idea that had no precedent or practical cases to follow; an undeniable example of collaboration in which the trust in the teams’ skills and respect for the work that has been done have led to a result beyond all expectations and satisfactory for all parties involved.