Vulcano | Meteoleaks

The weather: the only scientific evidence interpreted through infinite models. Meteoleaks is the only application able to make real, “historical” and real-time weather data available to users, enhancing and disseminating public information assets.



Vulcano created the branding and advertising on national newspapers to communicate the app features and the idea behind Meteoleaks, not only on a meteorological perspective but also taking into account its civil and social objectives, always using an engaging and accessible language.


The app design is clear and recognizable thanks to the gradient of the background, a recurring element throughout the entire visual identity that represents real time temperature changes pinpointed to the user’s current position through geolocation.


HTML tutorial


The creation of the daily visual and textual contents of the app, along with the management of the editorial plan with the corresponding social sharing, are aligned to a single graphic and communicative style conceived to distinguish Meteoleaks from the «usual prefabricated weather».