marco bicego

Marco Bicego, the well-known Italian fine jewellery brand renowned for its collections inspired by the organic shapes of nature, has entrusted Vulcano with the design of its new institutional website, integrated with its online store, fully responsive and now active throughout Europe.

“E-commerce is becoming an increasingly central feature in the omnichannel experience the company aims to offer its customers, not only as a retail channel, but above all as a platform for providing information, content and storytelling. We are increasingly seeking to engage our customers in something exclusive, allowing them to discover our creations through our e-store and building a strong connection that links a visit to our physical stores with a digital experience”.
Marco Bicego, founder and creative director


The comprehensive restyling of the website has succeeded in strengthening the brand’s positioning on the digital scene, offering a smoother browsing experience able to illustrate the exclusive nature of the brand and thus boost its recognisability.

A simple, intuitive user experience is able to enhance the appeal of the product.
Conceived for a multi-device browsing experience, the website is extremely user-friendly, simply and clearly highlighting the story of the Marco Bicego brand: from its history and craftsmanship expertise to its collections and styles, as well as the fine jewellery creations that are the pride of the brand.

The new website offers a global showcase that illustrates the essence of the brand and invites visitors into the world of Marco Bicego, aided by an improved user experience and a perfect blend between the functional and the experiential and emotional dimensions.

MartriceOtto carried out the product photography for the website.

This result derives from a synergy that underlines the importance of collaboration between all the players involved in the project, who have contributed to the planning and the objectives set, with a view to achieving a perfect balance between creativity, functional experience and value.