Vulcano | Lorenzi Milano

Lorenzi Milano has made the uniqueness of materials and craftsmanship the core of the brand.
Consistently adhering to its values was Vulcano’s mission.
The creative direction of the project allowed the use of photographic, verbal and digital language in order to convey a one-of -a-kind identity through the site’s new e-commerce platform.

The peculiarity of the products led to the choice of photographic solutions that soften shadows, while the neutral and warm background enhanced the uniqueness of objects that did not need to be further enriched.
The web design was created according to the “needs” of the content, by exploiting the flexibility of the platform and reflecting the refined style of the brand.
From product descriptions to the editorial page that tells the origin of materials, the tone of voice is custom-made, a language which perhaps today could be called «lorenziano».


“Experience, professionalism and customer care are just some of the distinguishing features of Vulcano.
Their dedication and their contribution have always been beyond all expectations, they have always responded to our every need by enhancing it and making it successful.
The creativity with which the texts for our site have been drawn up, as well as the photos capturing the smallest details of our articles, have given greater value to our image and to our company.


Linda Lorenzi,
Chief Operating Officer
Lorenzi Milano