Vulcano | Isabella Pers. PRESENT

Vulcano is the main partner of Isabella Pers’ video Present, a story and a reflection about boundaries and meetings.



Saturday, 30th April 2016. Dolina dei Cinquecento, Redipuglia, Altopiano del Carso.

A group of people walked on the trails of a war that nobody of them had lived, to round up then where only nature leaves her signs.

Present as a gift. They gave a testimony of their past, as a light human flow that goes forward thanks to the everyday little steps of each one, aiming their thought to a common projection.

Present as a presence. In a temporary loss of boundaries, we can find an action of understanding and consonance.



The distance between the different stories – far away lands of origin and individual pasts – becomes a choral symphony on steps and places that are already stories, asking each one of us about the primordial sense of the meeting.