Vulcano | Il territorio dell’architettura. PAC Milano

Vulcano has supported the exhibition The territory of architecture. Gregotti e Associati 1953_2017, an anthological review about the career of great Italian architect Vittorio Gregotti, at the PAC in Milan from 20th of December 2017 to the 11th of February 2018. The exhibition, curated by Guido Morpurgo, narrated and paid tribute to the work of Vittorio Gregotti through international projects, drawings, notes, on the occasion of his ninetieth birthday.



Gregotti’s activity and his studio’s represented a sort of unicum in European architecture, characterized by a methodological unity and a complete commitment in all the scales of the project: architecture, urban design, interiors and museum installations, furniture and industrial product, graphics and publishing. The development of Gregotti studio’s overall project has been documented in the exhibition through 60 drawings and 40 original scale models, along with 700 reproductions and photographs, starting with the latest works and recovering backwards the ideal link with those of the ’50s.



The exhibition itinerary within the Territory of architecture, designed by Vittorio Gregotti and his studio in over sixty years of activity, represented not only a patient research, but also a form of resistance against the dissolution of architecture in communication, the replacement of the ends with the technical means and the mediatisation of the architect’s figure, thus bringing it back into the fold of the great European culture.



Gathering Gregotti’s reflection and bringing it into the field of communication, thus continuing the well-established partnership with the PAC of Milan, on the occasion of this exhibition Vulcano laid the basis for the developing of a new communication approach along the entire exhibition itinerary, and beyond. The new PAC programming line dedicated to the great Italian masters of architecture and design, which opened with this exhibition, will in fact be at the centre of a strategic and organic approach which could extend the links between the digital world and the territory of “offline” communication.