Vulcano | Golden Goose

Golden Goose is a fairly young fashion brand, with stores located in the cities that embody fashion worldwide, positioned as one of the most innovative fashion brands of the new millennium.

Vulcano totally renewed the digital image of the brand, adapting it to offline communication. It has been conceived precisely to guarantee the consistency between online and physical experience, updating and optimizing the image of the brand itself starting from digital dynamics. This approach allows the brand also to increase its overall awareness in terms of content communication, product or lifestyle oriented.

The new brand identity has been inspired by the design of Golden Goose shoes: clean and essential lines are distorted and characterized by hand-made elements, which give humanity and uniqueness to the product.

Summing it up, it is a “perfect imperfection”.

Some highlights of the new brand guidelines:

  • the color palette uses mainly black and white to host content (such as photos, videos and animations) which have very different styles depending on the season collections;
  • the entire typographic range used in packaging and paper catalogs has been rationalized to create a set with well-defined and coherently organized font families and weights. The playing between large sized titles with a classic aesthetics and monospaced descriptive texts with a more rigorous and functional aspect is interrupted by the presence of handwritten taglines, which visually recall the style of the writings present in some shoe models;
  • product shooting has been conceived to emphasize all the details, trimmings and textures of the materials that characterize each Golden Goose shoe.

The new brand guidelines has been applied in the ecommerce website design always setting up a user experience similar to a tour inside a real Golden Goose store.

The shopping experience is extremely fluid, without distractions or elements that may delay the actions performed by the user. The human touch is visible in the design of small details such as the size selectors, that seem drawn with a pen, or the hand-made page loaders, imperfect but unique. To accentuate the mood of each collection, the product listing pages have a double display mode: one that focuses on the essential presentation of the products, while the other shows the same product in use, in real situations.

Golden Goose is a brand also characterized by a multi-year past full of initiatives and artistic projects, often not very well known by most of its clients. Different sections of the website have therefore been enriched with editorial blocks, which, especially in the first navigation levels, can bring the brand closer to the user.

Vulcano designed in this way a website with great flexibility to convey the concept of uniqueness linked to each single processing of materials and to manage highly diversified content. Users have now the perfect occasion to look both more closely at the products and to discover the world of the brand, made up of events, guerrilla marketing campaigns and street art shows.