Vulcano | Franz Kraler

A brand which roots dig deep into the passion for fashion, tradition and the natural hospitality of the Dolomites World Heritage: Franz Kraler is a name that represents an entire family able to make luxury a real lifestyle to share with its customers, accompanying them in their choice through an open dialogue and tailor-made advice.
The locations of their multi-brand stores are Dobbiaco, Cortina and Bolzano, which host the products of more than 200 prestigious international maisons.

The new mission of Franz Kraler’s is to expand online, making that unique taste for “beauty” an accessible destination even for those who do not have the opportunity (and the luck) to experience their boutiques.

Is it possible to transfer such a solid and recognizable personality online, emulating the trademark Franz Kraler welcome on a digital level?

This was Vulcano’s challenge, which, starting by completely redesigning the website as an e-commerce, it is based on defining a new digital identity that had previously been missing.
Through sophisticated visual and design choices, it was possible to bring this new virtual space to life with the same taste and refined style that you can feel as if you were in the boutique with the Kralers.

A new space ready to welcome the selection of products with the traditional exclusivity that characterizes each corner of the physical boutique, dedicating the light and importance every maison deserve to each brand.

The Kraler family has been able to rely completely on the expertise of Vulcano, with the result that the entire project has developed in a linear and harmonious way, like a successful story.

The entire project is a successful story that has developed in a linear and harmonious way, with the Kraler family able to rely completely on Vulcano’s expertise.
This story is also reflected in the teaser videos created by Vulcano for the launch and communication of the new e-commerce platform, the entire project is a successful story that has developed in a linear and harmonious way, with the Kraler family able to rely completely on Vulcano’s expertise.: this extremely tailored care was made possible by choosing images and photographs taken at a dedicated shooting made exclusively for Franz Kraler.

Vulcano took care of the creative part of the launch of the new ecommerce also in the social media communication.
“We interpreted the launch of the new e-commerce as something magical and fairytale-like: the possibility to be transported to the Dolomites to enjoy the shopping experience in Franz Kraler whenever you want and wherever you are.”

The fairy tale concept allowed us to use a dreamlike and romantic storytelling mood, with a warm and inclusive tone of voice while holding firm to the principles of refinement, territory, family and love – the pillars of the company spirit.

The Instagram feed becomes a real story that develops with the succession of 9 posts that gradually reveal the nature of change. For the Facebook channel the creativity was declined using all video formats: the video format was chosen to reach a high number of users involving them in the Kraler experience and in the new adventure of the family.

To tell this story we used three types of elements: the setting, the subjects involved and some emotional captions.

The concept is based on the interplay between reality and magic, material and immaterial to convey the idea that what customers find in luxury boutiques in person they can also find in the online digital experience. Kraler breaks down boundaries and launches the new e-commerce as a spell that will reach customers and express their desires.