Vulcano | Ferragamo

Vulcano redesigned the whole digital image of Ferragamo, the legendary legacy of made in Italy’s fashion and craftsmanship, outlining a new definition of the brand.

Ferragamo embodies a unique balanced intersection of heritage and innovation, aesthetically leading to a courteous evolution of the brand, composed by pivotal elements to position past, in the present, and to suspend beyond today with the intrigue of a dream.


Phrased in a tone of voice:

“a graceful pose blending elements into a self-confident message of inclusivity and delight”.

The intersection between two different souls, apparently far from each other, creates a new balance distinguishing Ferragamo’s digital image. The bold and solid structure of the design, interacting with light and elegant contents, shape a perfect visual harmony and a clear identity.

Following the new vision and constantly playing between boldness and elegance, Vulcano conceived all the digital assets of the brand:

from the definition of the brand guidelines to the design of the new ecommerce website, through the art direction of the product shooting and the models styling.

Some highlights of the new digital guidelines:

  • the new Ferragamo typography reminds a classical and elegant aesthetic but at the same time presents fresh and contemporary elements. The positioning of texts outside the design grids creates an unexpected suspension effect. Ferragamo decided also to use the new font in offline communication;
  • the joyful color palette is inspired by Ferragamo’s iconic products and gives a playful approach and dynamism to the different assets;
  • product shooting recall a suspended atmosphere, similar to the one experienced within a dream. Products are displayed without shadows or supports, like they are suspended, and all the elements are left to fall naturally;models faces represent for Ferragamo a beauty enchanted by natural qualities, ageless and timeless. They have an androgynous appearance, angular faces, magnetic looks that have a story, genderfluid traits and characteristic signs.


The main concept has been also declined in the content reorganization strategy of the website, always in a balanced and elegant play between brand and product content.
Ferragamo is a beloved brand: users perceive the brand without it being mentioned explicitly. It’s not necessary to declare the brand values within a dedicated navigation menu item. Vulcano created a recognizable user experience associated with the brand through the site and eye-flow, from the home to the product pages.

Brand content are distributed and balanced throughout the transactional and editorial pages journeys, creating two distinct perspectives: one with an inspiring and impactful content initiated in the first interactions of the customer journey underpinning its value storytelling; the other informational and product-centric in the transactional path, with a focus on the conversion, with high relevance and a low amount of anxiety.

The new digital guidelines has been applied to all the pages of the new ecommerce. The “dreamy” atmosphere, already visible in the images of the suspended products, is amplified in the product pages in an immersive experience.

The timeline section, playing with changing backgrounds, conveys the richness of the brand’s history and tradition. The listing pages are composed by suspended products in an overview that allows the user to sense the mood and perceive a global view of the collections.