Exception Transport

Vulcano’s support at PAC Contemporary Art Pavilion in Milan restarts with the personal exhibition of Eva Marisaldi, one of the most important artists of the Sixties generation. The exhibition, curated by Diego Sileo, adds a further stage to the artist research with a new reflection that starts from his first years of production and reaches these days, through a wide selection of past works and the creation of new ones designed specifically for the PAC spaces. Characterized by a narrative lyric, Marisaldi’s works take inspiration from reality to focus on the hidden aspects of our everyday life.

Photos, actions, performances, videos, animations, installations and more traditional and artisanal techniques such as drawing and embroidery, transport us to other dimensions, where everything can happen and where everything is suspended. The title evokes a hypothetical, metaphorical, exceptional transport in the worlds created by the artist, populated by sounds, narrations, emotions, play and poetry, theater, cinema and literature references, but also by journeys exploring distant territories and the human being complexity.