Vulcano | Davines

Davines was born in 1983 in Parma as a laboratory for research and production of high quality hair products. A business which today supplies its products the most popular cosmetic brands all over the world.


“By focusing on sustainable beauty, we encourage people around us to take care of themselves, of the environment in which they live and work, of the things they love”

Davide Bollati, President

Vulcano developed the concept starting from dialogue and active discussion, through the creation of workshops, with the aim of bringing out the values, style and tone of communication more suitable for Davines, in order to employ them to the content and graphic design of the website.

The result fully reflects the soul of Davines, a message of sustainable beauty, care for nature and its ingredients.

The creative direction of the photo shooting defined the guidelines for the product shots, in which the classic still life was “relaxed” and personalized through distinguishing marks.

The choice of a marked shadow and a cold, professional background creates a backdrop which extends to the whole website pages and allows the products to emerge within what becomes their natural context: the Davines ecommerce site and lifestyle.