Vulcano | Cuba. Tatuare la storia

Vulcano supported PAC outlining the digital strategy of the exhibition CUBA. Tatuare la storia and launched the new blog to delve deeper into the stories of Cuban contemporary art, inside and outside the island.



The collaboration between Vulcano and PAC continued in the occasion of the exhibition CUBA. TATUARE LA STORIA. The exhibition, curated by Diego Sileo and Giacomo Zaza, was opened from 5 July until 12 September 2016. It traced a guideline on Cuban art, inside and outside the island, involving 31 artists from different generations, all active from the end of the Seventies until now. It was a proof of the shared Cuban identity, which is the outcome of the encounter between different cultures, at the same time metaphor of a utopian mirage and in contradiction between. A journey to Cuba addressed by each artist through sounds and fervours from the island, its cultural, linguistic, and mythological instances, and its multiple ideological manifestations.



Vulcano, confirming the partnership with PAC, gave its usual support in the fields of digital communication and marketing. After the analysis of the contributions and the themes of the exhibition, Vulcano sketched a digital strategy, focusing on the contents of an event extremely rich of history and stories to tell. Vulcano also realised the communication plan, focused on the centrality of the content and able to give in-depth information in a complete and articulate way.



Moreover, Vulcano realised the official blog of PAC, a virtual board where you can find a wide range of contents dedicated to the themes addressed by the exhibition. In particular, users were able to discover the personal stories of the 31 artists during the period preceding the opening, a warm-up journey with daily publications.