Vulcano | Brazil. Knife in the Flesh, PAC Milan

With the exhibition »BRAZIL. Knife in the flesh» Vulcano supports PAC Milan exploring the continents on the trail of contemporary art, offering a selection of 30 Brazilian artists of different generations. The exhibition declares itself in conflict. Through installations, photos, videos and performances, many of the invited artists refer to this conflict, which has neither a beginning nor an end, it is difficult to summarize in words and rarely translates into physical confrontations or battles. It is not a war conflict, but a social one and, above all, a symbolic one.


»BRAZIL. Knife in the flesh» breaks conventions and clichés without pretending to be a portrait of the country or its artistic scene, but rather reflecting on their conflict: clashes, violence and political, social, racial, ecological and cultural abuses. Direct language, naive in appearance but full of messages, tells of shattered dreams and disappointed expectations, but also of people that knows how to keep a surprising optimism and a great confidence in the future.