Vulcano | Barilla

Barilla group is a mix of those unique and traditional Italian brands that over the years have become part of our daily life.

“To be the first brand in food sector to offer the possibility to hyper-customize the product.”


The iconic Mulino Bianco and Pan di Stelle are the first products chosen for this experience.


Vulcano’s ambitious challenge involves the creation of a hyper product customization configurator capable of involving the user personally and thus introducing Barilla Group to the b2c world with the first project of this entity in the world of Italian food.

By eliminating the classic concept of purchase as a simple exchange between seller and buyer, Vulcano thinks of a comfort zonecapable of reaching three possible levels of implicit relationship: the brand proposes itself as an emotional vehicle, the user can address personalization towards himself, creating a new memory, or giving the customized product generating a new link between brand and new user.

This is how “Dedicato a te” was born: a personalization path guided by storytelling in which the dedication is realized in the product, to make the relationship between user and each brand’s imagination even more special.

The strengths of the concept are:

  • developing a communication project that can be easily used by every brand of the group
  • active user involvement
  • narration as a guide in the customization process
  • enhancement of the relationship with the brand


Vulcano designs the brand identity and graphic design of “Dedicato a te” conveyed through a landing website that hosts the brands and become part of the whole customization project. Vulcano animates the product configurator with a strong user experience that enhances the concept and stands out for its adaptability to the visual identity of the leading brands.

The digital touchpoints of Mulino Bianco and Pan di Stelle were the means by which the user was involved. Vulcano realized the social communication strategy, creating the creativity of the advertising campaigns, the organic posts of the institutional pages of Mulino Bianco and Pan di Stelle and the email marketing campaign.