Vulcano | ARMIN LINKE.L’apparenza di ciò che non si vede. PAC Milan

Vulcano was a partner of the exhibition L’apparenza di ciò che non si vede, a solo show dedicated to the photographer and filmmaker Armin Linke, at PAC Pavilion of Contemporary Art of Milan from 16 October 2016 to 6 January 2017. The exhibition, curated by Ilaria Bonacossa and Philipp Ziegler and produced by PAC with Silvana Editoriale, in collaboration with ZKM | Centre for art and media technology of Karlsruhe, was inaugurated on 15 October.



The appearance of what you don’t see reveals Armin Linke’s approach towards photograpy: instead of considering photograph the mere result stemming from the capture of a moment or detail, the artist transforms images into stories which are not limited to a fixed context, into starting points for a series of conversations analysing traces of reality. For The appearance of what you don’t see Linke called upon scientists and theorists from several areas of study to challenge themselves with his photographic archive, which is formed by more than twenty thousand photographs. Partly already presented at the ZKM of Karlsruhe in 2015/16, where the academics Ariella Azoulay, Bruno Latour, Peter Weibel, Mark Wigley e Jan Zalasiewicz were invited to converse with the archive, the project has been expanded for the PAC of Milan, with the further contributions of Franco Farinelli, Lorraine Daston e Irene Giardina.



The interpretation of reality under many points of view, technological developments, the analysis of changes brought about by innovation, but also the contamination of the artistic process with different areas of study: these all are topics dealt with at the exhibition, but they are also part of the DNA of Vulcano, which provided its usual support to the digital communication of PAC, trying this time both to give something back and to gather the vast amount of opinions regarding topics and the countless tips given by the works displayed.



From theory to practice: during the exhibition Vulcano will launch, in addition to the PAC, for the first time, a brand-new format to spark a reflection and, above all, a discussion concerning the relation between art and technology, the appearance of what you don’t see but which affects more and more our daily life, already surrounded by the digital.

How do you decode a complex system? How do you represent it? How do you make sure everyone can use it? These are the questions people working in the digital world ask themselves, but they are right the same questions at the base of the process of world interpretation told by the geographer Franco Farinelli, one of the eight experts involved by the artist Armin Linke in the exhibition “L’apparenza di ciò che non si vede”, who took place at PAC of Milan on 17 November to explain his point of view regarding Linke’s work.



‘The exhibition’ the artist states ‘aims at working as an hypertext which can be browsed like a webpage, yet experiencing something physical’. Vulcano, which turns on the link between art and digital at PAC, took on the challenge and triggered an active process of contamination with the workshop ACTIVE LINK, undertaking an opposite path and pinpointing the way to decode and represent with digital tools the concept of the exhibition of Armin Linke. The workshop was dedicated to professionals and those who are into the digital world, overflowing with ideas and enthusiasm. App developers, UX designers, big data specialists, etc. has been invited to take part in a work session regarding interpretation processes of complex systems suggested by the exhibition and by the lecture of Franco Farinelli, Head of the Association of Italian geographers and geography professor at the University of Bologna.



Through a design thinking session, the workshop has been an open dialogue with experts coming from different contexts of the world of IT. In addition, during the workshop the participants had the chance to introduce themselves, bringing their CV to Vulcano, the ‘active link’ towards digital companies present at the workshop. An innovative recruitment operation, launched by Vulcano at PAC of Milan, which started from the work of Armin Linke and the valuable contribution of Franco Farinelli to assess the skills of the aspiring digitals.